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Aimless Ramblings of a Distressed Mind

Naughty Girl In Nice Wrapping

25 May 1976



I don't wanna be told to grow up
and I don't wanna change
I just wanna have fun

Magic Spell
Alakazam, Alakazear
Make my flat chest disappear
In it's place put a large bust
With the help of this magic dust
Forget double D, Forget double E
Make them a whopping double G

chicks rule



adam ant, andy warhol, anne rice, arnulf rainer, art deco, audrey hepburn, backyard babies, barbarella, bass guitar, berlin, bernie dexter, bettie page, black, blueblood, burlesque, candles, cheesecake, childish behaiviour, christina ricci, coffee, corey feldman, corsettes, cuddles & kisses, dark eyes, day-dreaming, deborah harry, depeche mode, digital art, dita, dogs d'amour, dregen, duff mckagan, duran duran, eddie izzard, electronica, elvira, erotica, eyeliner, fairuza balk, fetish, fishnets, gigs, glitter, gone with the wind, guns n' roses, hair-dye, halloween, hanoi rocks, hats, hugs, ice-cream, jane goldman, janis joplin, japanese movies, jared leto's nose, johnny depp, joy division, juliette lewis, kink, kiss, kissing, l-word, l7, latex, lust, madonna, masuimi max, modelling, motley crue, my ruin, nancy collins, new romantics, new york dolls, new york new york, nick rhodes, nikki sixx, nose-picking, paul kaye, peanut m&m's, people from foreign lands, people-watching, photography, pooh, punk, purple, pvc, rawk aaaand roll, reading, red, richey edwards, riot grrrls, river phoenix, rob/white zombie, rocky horror, roller derby, roxy music, rubber, sasha mia, sex, shoes, shopping, siouxsie sioux, skinny guys, snow globes, sparkly stuff, special k yoghurty, starbucks, steve buscemi, stockings, storms, strawberries, subway sandwiches, supernatural, tarrie b, tattoo's, the cure, the mighty boosh, the ramones, the smiths, thunder, tim burton, toast, trashlight vision, vampires, vampyres, vanilla, vintage striptease, voluptuous models, wassily kandinsky, wildhearts, winona ryder, withnail & i